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5 Steps to a Beautiful Princess Room in Two Days

5 Steps to a Beautiful Princess Room in Two Days

Five easy steps to quickly and easily creating a lovely Disney Princess Room for your little girl.

1. First things first. Let’s start with the basics. Every princess’s favorite color is pink, so indulge your little girl with a beautiful medium pink paint color on the walls of her room (or palace, whichever you choose). To make it safe for her, use the Fresh Aire paint from Lowe’s, which is a no VOC paint. It is easy to use and helps the king and queen rest assured that the air in the princess’s room will be clean and pure the very night it is painted. You can find princess stamps or vinyl wall stickers that are removable.

2. Next choose a bed that will be special and comfortable to sleep in. Reasonable princess bedding that matches your pink wall color can easily be found at Walmart or another discount store with prices from $30-$50 a set, depending on the size of the bed. No princess is complete without her pillow; so make sure she has a special princess pillow to rest her sweet little head on each night before retiring to bed to sleep.

3. What should adorn your pink princess room walls? Shelves of course! No princess room is complete without shelving scattered with the famous princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel. Frequent your local Disney store for ideas. Framed photographs of the Disney Princesses or of your little girl dresses in her princess dress up clothes can also be displayed royally on the walls for a cute and special look.

4. No princess room is complete without storage for her toys to keep her floor neat and tidy. Many craft stores sell square, lined baskets that can slide under the bed or can be stacked on top of each other for extra storage capacity. A white toy box or unfinished wood box with a lid can be a nice and beautiful place to store her princess dress up clothes or other toys she may love to play with in her room. She can keep her wand, tiara, boa, and princess cape in her storage baskets or in her dress up trunk or box for later use!

5. Last, but not least, don’t forget the closet where your child can hang her beautiful ball gowns. She will want to hang her Cinderella dress, Snow White costume, Sleeping Beauty outfit, and Ariel clothes in there right next to her school uniform or preschool attire. Make sure you have organizational tools at her fingertips so she can easily have a place to put her clothes and toys away. It is a good idea to start teaching your children early to put their things away and to have a place for things to go so they can learn that valuable skill at a young age.

Make her room extra special by following these 5 simple techniques that can be implemented in a day or two. A weekend and a small budget should be plenty of time to create your own special princess room. Have your little girl help you with the details or do it as a surprise for her next birthday or other special occasion. She will love and use it for years to come!