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8 Renowned Hardware Store Logo Designs That Depict Quality and Comfort

8 Renowned Hardware Store Logo Designs That Depict Quality and Comfort

When you think of remodeling your house, you want quality and excellence along with a great deal financially. For a home improvement store, it is improvement that superiority in quality is reflected in their brand mark so that they can be distinct from other companies.

Below mentioned are some renowned hardware store logo designs that are a symbol of quality and comfort.

1. Ace Hardware:
Crafted in thick fonts and bright colors, this design is smart and contemporary. A feature that relates the monogram to the business nature is that the letter A in the monogram is crafted to resemble a house which makes this image memorable and unique.

2. Orchard Supply Hardware:
This emblem is created in to resemble a banner. The bright green background of the emblem sets the white colored fonts off to perfection. There is a small image of a leaf in the brand mark which adds an environmentally friendly touch to it. Overall, the trademark is traditional, friendly and comfortable.

3. PRO Hardware:
This hardware store’s business emblem is company name in thick and straight fonts crafted in colors of the furniture. A smart touch that has been added to the design is the small arrow encased in the letter O that is pointing right. This shows the company’s resolution for striving to move forward.

4. True Value:
This emblem is created to be timeless and classic with its red colored fonts on a white background. The thick and italic fonts add an air of imagination to the monogram while the red color make it eye catching and energetic.

5. HomeBase:
This famous British home improvement store has more than 360 retail outlets all over the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. This corporation is renowned for their neon colors for the business mark. The symbol is created in straight and thick fonts that are bright green in color with the letter O crafted in bright orange color.

6. Do It Best:
This company’s emblem is a bright red colored rectangular shape with the business name encased in it. The color of the type face is yellow and white which makes this symbol hard to ignore. The type face is created in straight and simple fonts which makes the text easily readable.

7. Improvements:
This is one of the simplest monograms in the hardware business. It consists of the business name in simple and straight fonts over a white background which makes this design eternal and classic.

8. The Home Depot:
This is one of the most widely recognized symbols in the hardware world. It consists of the business name written on a bright orange background. The text is placed diagonally which adds a unique touch to it. This design is as suitable for a video store logo as it is for a home improvement store.

Hence, if you are opening your own home improvement store, then make sure that you include elements of excellence and comfort in your company trademark.