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Benefits of CAD Design Software in Different Industries

Benefits of CAD Design Software in Different Industries

Nowadays, people are becoming more dependent on technology and as it advances, developers are constantly producing new software to make our lives easier. CAD design software takes the modern approach when it comes to architecture, engineering, interior design and product design. CAD is an acronym for Computer Aided Design and is a software that can deliver intricate two or three dimension drawings.

CAD design software is beneficial in a number of industries thanks to its time and cost-efficiency. It is useful as an interior design software for a number of reasons. Firstly, the fact that it’s computer-based makes it easy and quick to edit, far quicker than drafting by hand. It is useful for design retailers as they can show their customers how their potential room will look before they decide to purchase, this will increase confidence in their customers, knowing they can see how their room will look beforehand. If the customer has the dimensions of their room, their design will be completely accurate leaving them safe in the knowledge that their new room will look exactly how it does on plan. Customers will feel safer knowing their room plan can be changed with the click of a mouse allowing them to alter aspects until they are one hundred per cent happy.

The bedroom planning software is also useful for retailers because it’s cost-effective, although the company will have to fork out on training a few staff members to use to CAD software, once they have the knowledge they will be able to show customers how their rooms will look using intricate detail and filling the customer with confidence regarding their new design. It also allows the customer to see the design process every step of the way. This will inevitably increase sales for the retailers. The software will rise in price depending on its complexity.

CAD design software also has its uses in the architectural industry. The software is able to save and organise all of your designs so if you want to plan a new building but from the concept of an older design, you can start planning from the previous design saving you time. Most CAD software includes an ‘automated drawing’ feature. When drawing a plan by hand the architect will need to do multiple drafts and versions (front view, side view, aerial view) but with automated drawings, the software can cleverly create your alternate views for you once you have designed your first draft. It is capable of doing this because your design will be in 3D (rather than 2D) and therefore be able to automatically generate how it will appear from all angles.

Another use for computer-aided design software is for product and machine development as it is useful for tool design, prototype development and has the ability to transfer new concepts into great designs quickly and economically. It also allows to designers and engineers to work out how everything will fit together before spending (and potentially wasting) any money. Being able to analyse the design and find out its weak points before putting through the manufacturing process is extremely economical.