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Best 3D Modelling Software – What to Look For

Best 3D Modelling Software – What to Look For

I think we are all aware and amazed by the leaps and bounds made by the 3D animation industry in the past few decades. Like Walt Disney and now you have movies such as Avatar and Tin Tin and the list goes on and on. Cartoons and mixed media. Fluid movements, brilliant colors and spectacular sounds. Just amazing!

And now it’s so east for a person to get a piece of software and learn the basics of animation and if you like take it to the next level of making it a career.

For some who don’t have an artistic bone in their body, like myself, but an incredible desire to create some form of art, computer software is a god send! You can spend literally hours and hours creating and learning in your spare time just to please yourself. It’s typical that once you learn a few things, people start to notice and want to have you create something for them. ” that sort of thing. It wasn’t very long before I was being noticed by the owner of the company I worked for and asked to take over the duties of updating and modifying the company website – and I might add, making a nice additional income! I did a self-study course over a 14 day period and managed the website for 8 years. It was great.

Nowadays, the software available for you to learn with is so exciting. Designing new games and making super graphics etc. Has gone straight up and vertical in its progression. Fantastic and so mobile and lifelike! I once sat down with a friend and was enjoy a soccer game with him and when I finally realized I didn’t recognize the teams I asked him who was playing. The guy I was watching with couldn’t believe I was asking who was playing. It’s a video game I’m playing!! ” and laughed. I didn’t know it was a video game. Unreal! but so Real! It was not the only time that has happened to me. Is it just me or do other people feel that this new reality in animation is simply awesome. Young people are so good at these games and don’t seem at all awe-struck by the realism.

Well if you’re like me and want to learn how to use this type of software for fun and your own entertainment or you would like to take it to a whole new level and adopt it as your career, well there are some awesome programs and software suites out there that will knock your socks off. It’s a new adventure just waiting for you to give it a try. Some of the things to look for when shopping for animation software. are as follows:

1] 3D Modelling / Animation / Game Design Software for Home Users
2] Quality 3D Content, 3D Figure Design and Animation, Rendering
3] Real-time Interactive 3D and Games Creation with Live Playback
4] Completely illustrated tutorials and lots of step-by-step video training.
5] Can be used to make high-end game characters and scenery
6] Lots of tools for high-end 3D production this software is forever improving

These are just some of the features that come with software of this kind. This is fun and creative not difficult. The support and tutorials for this stuff are extreme. It always helps a company to have satisfied customers and these guys deliver great support. Very fun and enjoyable. You’ll be amazed at how fast you learn this new art.