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Catch Your Cheating Partner With DVR Video Surveillance

Catch Your Cheating Partner With DVR Video Surveillance

If his cheating heart makes you weep, let him gnash his teeth with proof of his infidelity. Here’s how.

Nobody wants a cheating lover

If you suspect your hunk is getting action elsewhere, it’s time for more drastic measures. With proof of his infidelity, you can slam the door on his face. Ah, sweet revenge. Just imagine the shock on his face when he discovers that his docile angel has a devious mind too.

Start your secret mission with the installation of the DVR video surveillance system. Do this when he is away. You can also install software to snoop on his emails. He may be connecting with somebody online. Whatever your plans, don’t give him the idea that you’re onto something.

A DVR video surveillance system will help you catch him on the quick with clear and colored images to boot. You can transfer the recording to a CD. Make three copies. One will go to him, another to your lawyer, and keep the last one for your file under lock and key.

Why a DVR video server?

Your covert spying paraphernalia need not occupy much space. You want to zoom into the bedroom and the mini bar. They might have a drink or two before starting a conflagration in the bedroom. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much on additional hidden cameras. You only need a good DVR video surveillance server to get the job done. A multiplexer will allow several signal inputs and the video server to enable you to do remote monitoring any time. The technology sounds intimidating, but it is actually a compact and slim unit.

The bonus features of the DVR video surveillance are:

o Easy installation – You can do it yourself so nobody else gets into the picture

o 24 hours remote access – He’ll never dream you’re snooping instead of working

o Loads of storage room – You can store lots of recording for that much needed surprise element

o Better pausing – You can manipulate better stops for that still image

o Clear copying – The images copied will be clearer, the better for him to see the proof in print

o Zoom – You can zoom into the picture and create a picture for more dramatic presentation.

o Internal web server – A built-in dynamic computer program that provides all the function you need reliable surveillance

o More hours of Recording – You can rest easy that your partner will get caught eventually by the DVR video surveillance

Hot evidence and cool surveillance

When presenting proof of his two-timing activities, expect two reactions – anger or remorse, so better practice dealing with the possible scenarios. You may forgive and forget or let him bite the bullet, but nobody deserves an infidel for a spouse or a partner.

Start looking around the house. Choose the least obtrusive areas for those spy cameras without moving much of the furniture. Just keep your cool and shop online now for DVR video surveillance before it is too late. There will always be one for your budget.