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Computer Security is Data Security

Computer Security is Data Security

Three-quarters of information security incidents are “inside jobs” – resulting from employee negligence, carelessness, or just ignorance.(1) Your IT Department, whether a contracted provider, an employee or the company owner has a significant task that will only continue to grow. The objective of computer security varies and can include protection of information from theft or corruption, or the preservation of data availability, as defined in a security policy. Physical security is directly related to information security, as 57{d4f7c08805e41e9b9974dfba619ed7230ec2da6e442055d48085a7994e8adaef} of data theft is directly related to physical theft of equipment.

Researching a physical security solution for a client resulted in our opportunity to work with Advanced Systems International, SAC the last four years assisting in the development of a formidable software solution designed to limit the ability of accidental or criminal uploading viruses and provide administrative control over memory storage devices. The exhaustive software engineering devoted to the development of USB Lock RP and associated add-on’s has resulted in an utility that significantly reduces the ability of data theft or corruption. A simple customer inquiry in to how one could control the use of built-in CD-WR players led to our original involvement with USB Lock RP, with the introduction of the newest release Version 4.05. This simple solution has become an indispensable IT security tool without becoming a product that only experienced IT personnel can implement.

Anyone with basic computer knowledge and skills having administrative rights can have USB Lock RP up and protecting your company’s assets in minutes. Do you need this security tool? Simple Security Test – Using a USB Stick or any memory storage device. e.g.: CD-WR, DVD-WR, SD Card, Flash Card, MP3 player or even some cell phone. Connect your device of choice to any computer logged onto your network without administrative privileges. If you can move a file from the network to the memory drive you need to take a serious look at USB Lock RP Enterprise at Some of what USB Lock RPE provides: (USB Lock RPE includes all available add-on features)

  • Administrative real-time control over Memory Storage Drive use
  • Protects against uploading malware/viruses
  • Support of your Written Security Policy
  • Unrestricted use of non-memory USB devices e.g. mouse, keyboard
  • Reports: files transferred by authorized memory devises
  • Enforceable USB Stick File Protection for data in transit
  • View real-time *seat system information- (*All PC’s connected to your network)
  • USB Lock RPE includes-USB Lock RP, USB Lock Aware & USB Personal Protector

Many small businesses are not aware of all the required security levels necessary to properly protect their IT equipment and information. Most have worked hard to provide their businesses the necessary software to keep things running smoothly. Network systems have grown with the company in a patch quilt fashion, a massing accounting software, e-mail systems, word processing, office production, engineering software, anti virus software and so on as it is needed. The biggest issues the small business IT manager has concentrated on has been making sure that all of these programs work together and are kept updated. This is why we have attempted to collect a selection of computer security products that help the IT manager protect his equipment and information.