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Designing Your Own Tile Mosaic

Designing Your Own Tile Mosaic

One of the techniques used for interior designing is tile mosaic. Tiles are previously used to protect surfaces from water and stains. People were concerned by its function rather than its appearance. However, there is growing appreciation on tile mosaic designing. It is popular today is house designing and make overs. These products of art improve home ambiance and overall impact.

There are a lot to consider when choosing the right design for your home, business, or recreation center. Tiles, for instance, come in different sizes and colors. Choosing the right color and size doesn’t just depend on your favorites. How the size and color blends with the other features of the house is important consideration. Matching colors is a perfect way to decide what design to choose. It comes in both abstract and real art. Tile mosaic is not only applied on the floor, wall, and ceiling. It is also popular on tables, chairs, cabinets and swimming pools. Other than that, tile mosaic can also be done for hobby purposes. A lot of artists use tiles as a medium to express their artistic talent and passion. If you are not an artist, tile mosaic can still be used for gift accessories and souvenirs. It reflects uniqueness in taste and class. Transparent tile mosaic are also gaining popularity in the interior design industry. The light that can pass through it gives added impact and effect. You can also make tile mosaic designs using ceramics and stone. One can attach tile mosaic on wood, concrete, metal, glass, and mirror.

Creating a theme for your house will guide you through the process of making one. With a clear objective in mind, it would become easier to plan the lay out of the tile mosaic. You may want bright and lively impact, romantic and sexy impact, or funky and retro impact. The theme you create is entirely under your own control. You can also seek advice from design experts. This is helpful because sometimes, ordinary people don’t know what they want or have trouble figuring out what they want. An expert will not entirely take control of your decision making. She or he will guide you through it and offer suggestions regarding the best tile mosaic theme and design. The final say is still up to you. You can also find existing patterns from the internet and use them as a guide for your own original work. There are also available softwares today that converts images to have a mosaic effect. This can aid you in your design pursuit. If you don’t have any software, you can just draw it on a piece of paper.

During construction of your design, you will be needing tools such as tile nipper and tile cutter. Safety glasses are also important to protect yourself from any accident. You will also need a palette knife to apply a layer of adhesive on each tile. Wearing gloves will protect your hand from any cut.