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How to Choose a Singapore Nanny

How to Choose a Singapore Nanny

Singapore nanny – or more specifically, a nanny is defined as someone who takes care of children.

However, in Singapore, a nanny is also someone who not only helps take care of children, she also helps to do the household chores, wash the car and assist in other domestic work. She is also commonly called a maid, an “ah-mah” or a domestic helper.

In Singapore, the pace of life is extremely fast. Hence, having a Singapore nanny is more a necessity than a luxury. Most of these nannies come from the Philippines and Indonesia. Other countries of origin include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even Nepal. Currently, there are about 150,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Under the Singapore regulations, it is mandatory that the nannies live in with the family. As such, it is very important to choose the right Singapore nanny for your family, and in particular, your children.

So, here’s a step by step guide to choosing the right Singapore nanny for your family:

Step #1:

Firstly, you must understand clearly why you require the service of a nanny. It is normal for potential employers to expect the Singapore maid agency to find the “super” or “perfect” nanny. But, let’s face it, as long as we are dealing with a human being, there is no such thing as perfect. Hey, even if it is a precision driven robot, it will also breakdown.

As such, do not expect the Singapore nanny to be an all-in-one perfect cook, great babysitter, spic and span housecleaner, eloquent waitress when you entertain at home, or even a Richard-Clayderman-equal pianist.

Just like any one of us, a Singapore nanny has her strengths and weaknesses. Know your number one priority and find a nanny that is especially strong in that. It’s good to have the rest of your needs met, but bear in mind that there is no perfect nanny.

Step #2:

Having understood your needs, get to know the needs of the potential nannies. You can either get a professional Singapore maid agency to assist you with shortlisting candidates, or you can ask around to see if anyone knows of a suitable nanny.

Understand that just as much as you are choosing them, they are also choosing you. This is pretty similar to an IT professional looking for a job with a company. They are also looking for the right employer and work environment for themselves.

Bear in mind that most nannies have a preference in the work they do. Some of them love taking care of children, but they are not so good in cooking. Some of them are really great with dogs, but when it comes to house cleaning, they may not be up to your mark.

Understand your potential nannies’ needs, and see how they match up with yours. At the same time, watch out for the chemistry that you, your spouse, your children and/or pets may have with the potential nannies.

You see, there are people whom you simply “click” with, and there are some whom you simply can’t “click” with, no matter what. And, it doesn’t matter that she may be the most skilled among the candidates. If it doesn’t “click”, it doesn’t work.

Step #3:

Imagine that you are the HR manager of your family. When employing a Singapore nanny, it is important to interview her and do character reference checks with her earlier employers.

Here are a few tips for the interview:

1. Tell your candidates what are your needs. Let them assess whether they are able to fulfil your needs. Better yet, interview them at your house so that they can see for themselves, what is her work environment like.

2. Ask them this question: “Can you tell me about yourself and your work experience?” This open-ended question will get them talking and you will be able to assess how good they are in their communication skill.

3. Ask them why they are leaving their current employer. This may “throw up some dirt”, so to speak. Sometimes, it may be due to their current employer leaving Singapore. At other times, it may be due to some misunderstanding.

4. You can also give them some hypothetical scenarios and ask them how they will react when something happens. For instance, if your child falls down, what should they do.

Step #4:

Having found the right Singapore nanny, you must then do the necessary regulatory paperwork. Please note that if you are a first-time employer, you must also attend an orientation course. Check with the professionals on where to attend the course. You can also attend an online course.

In conclusion, follow these simple steps, and you will definitely find the right Singapore nanny for your family!