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How to Color your AdSense Ads?

How to Color your AdSense Ads?

Everyone wants to earn money through Google AdSense program , it is good! but not easy. Getting proper clicks on your ads is not as much easy as you think, it really needs a lot of hard work to attract visitors and to get genuine clicks. Different things affect your earnings like selection of ad units, size of ad units, their placement and their color. Here we are going to discuss about color of your ad units. Which color is best and which help to increase your earnings?

Color of AdSense ad units is as much importance as the ad unit itself. If you have a nice color scheme, you enjoy the profits and if you ignore it and picked any color for your ads it may change your profits into looses. Visibility of ads decides the strength of an ad to have greater number of clicks. One should take care about selecting the right color for his AdSense ads. Color that match the color theme of page and blend with it, is the best for all.

Now we talk about details of AdSense ad units. AdSense Text ads/ad units contains three parts, the top part contains a link text in bold letters, then second part below it contains content of the text ad in normal letters and the third and bottom part contains url address of the site in small letters. These three parts constitute a complete AdSense ad. Now you have three colors to select for text other then background and border colors. Keeping all the three text parts in different colors may give a distracting effect and visitor tend to ignore these types of ads. It is better to blend ads to your web page by matching colors. Keep your ad background white if your page has a white background which is most common works best. If your page background is not white no problem it is good to became creative but also change your ad unit background also according to it. Try the same colors for all the three text parts but with a different light shade. You can put last url text part as black or gray or of any light color which is visible.

But the top link color is the main and of prime importance, one should think seriously about this link color and choose according the background of the page where ads are placed. If the page background is white you have a chance to make extra money by AdSense ads, this is because you can color the links blue and wait to get the clicks on most common and working ad color format. Yes it is really like that, most of the webmasters suggest to color your ads in simple blue and gray combination. Blue link gives the sense of having a website link and people tend to click blue links more than any other links. When you use blue color on top link , try gray color for content and different gray shades for url link. By this way you make your ad a simple and most easily acceptable ad for your visitors.

Keep your ad content visible and readable, do not use very light colors on light background. Make visitors to read the content of the ad so that they may understand that ads are relevant to the subject they are looking for on your site. If they feel that this link is related to the subject I am looking for and it may satisfy my query he will definitely click on link and make you earn more money. Highlighting only main link may cause visitors to ignore ads because they are not getting the real information they want. Use AdSense ads in proper way to get best out of them and at the same time be creative and try different color schemes for different pages.

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