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How To Look For Economical Paintings

How To Look For Economical Paintings

Don’t we all love to buy a Virtruvian man by Da Vinci and hang it over the fireplace so our friends can come and ogle at the painting and say that what a fine master piece it is and that you have a definite eye and class for paintings of such high quality? Unfortunately such a painting not only costs millions but the real ones just hang in museums.

So what exactly is the solution to buying such quality art work at dirt cheap price? So every man could boast of owning a cryptically smiling Mona Lisa. The answer is simple and right in front of you. Just with a few click of the mouse you could be the owner of Whistlers mother staring at the wall in front of her. In all the divine glory of last supper displayed over you lobby is a reality.

Well how is it really possible that too at a price less than a hundred bucks? Believe me it is. There are hordes of talented artists who could replicate these high quality designs for you, make you the proud owner of stunning portraits and landscapes you could only dream of.

Now there are all sorts of sites advertising for such paintings, but most of them don’t sell cheap. Far from it they are even priced at thousands of dollars. Now why would a sane person, would want to buy an art work which would punch a huge hole in their pocket? So next question is where is that place where you could get such a painting and that too at throw away price.

The answer is sites that owned by artist from countries where the dollar amounts to a lot more than that of the west. So the simple equation is, there are real high quality artists if not better but on par with the western artists. For whom the income in dollars if less still would amount to more than what they could bargain for. The result: amazing art work at awesome tags.

So which country has such proficient artists to boast of? Look to the Far East, china even traditionally boasts of artists as early as early 16th century. Amazing art work with pigments, which last even today… Buddha who is portrayed in various art forms has been the hallmark of Oil paints from Far East. The art is not restricted the eastern form. The artist have adapted to the demand of the western world they can do any art ranging from abstract, cubism to even customized portraits.

Here is a list of tips to watch out for when on the look out for Quality Oil paintings:

1. Look for previous art work, a catalog perhaps.

2. See if the site provides what you are looking for, if not do they provide custom work.

3. Look for paintings that fall under a economy section.

4. Check to see if there is any quality compromise based on the reduction in cost.

Finally check to see if they provide a safe transaction (Discussed in the next article – How safe it is to buy art from an offshore internet shop?).