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How to Make Money Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

How to Make Money Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

The number of foreclosed homes is rising rapidly each month. Every day houses are being foreclosed on and the former owners are leaving them still filled with trash and abandoned property. This causes a problem for the banks and real estate agents that have bought the properties but don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning them up. By starting a business providing these services, it is possible to make money cleaning foreclosed houses.

Benefits of Making Money Cleaning Foreclosed Houses

  • There are always more homes being foreclosed upon so there is always more work to be had, providing a steady stream of potential income.
  • You do not need any real training or specialized education to start this type of business. You need only be able to clear junk out of a house and clean.
  • Offering additional services such as lawn recovery, maintenance work, or renovations only increases your appeal to customers.
  • With this type of business you will potentially have as much work as you can handle, meaning you can work at your own pace and accept more as your schedule permits.
  • Because the property abandoned in the home is then converted over to the new owner’s ownership, they will often allow clean-up crews to keep or recycle items of use that are found.
  • You can easily accept just enough work to fill your weekends, making it possible to use cleaning foreclosed homes a secondary occupation.
  • Though not always the most pleasant of activities, these jobs can be seen as an adventure.

Start-up Costs

Most businesses require some start up expenditures to get going. Though these cut into your early profits, they are necessary to getting your business going and the revenue building.

  • The main purpose of this business is to clean up houses so you will need an ample supply of house cleaning materials. This includes everything you would use to clean your own home, but multiplied. You should also invest in latex gloves and disposable surgical masks to protect yourself from anything unsavory you may discover.
  • A home office can be extremely helpful. It needs to be equipped with a computer, filing area and organizational features such as a schedule.
  • A professional-looking website is a great way to make your business known to potential customers. The cost of these services is generally very low, around $10 per month, and is well worth the interest it can generate.

Earning Potential

Cleaning foreclosed houses in a high-demand service. Agencies and banks who buy foreclosed homes generally do not want to go through the trouble of cleaning the homes themselves so they are very willing to pay a company to do it for them.

  • Cleaning foreclosed homes goes beyond just cleaning a house to removing abandoned property and making simple repairs. This means you can charge higher fees than a general house cleaner.
  • Offering additional services such as lawn maintenance, heavy repairs and even painting means more opportunity to please customers, earn more money, and receive enthusiastic referrals.
  • If the new owner of the property allows you to keep the property found in the home, you can use it to make additional money. Metal items, including shelves, siding, pots and screening can be sold to metal recyclers. Household goods and personal items can be sold at yard sales, or on auction sites.
  • If you wish to, you can also offer maintenance services which would have you coming back to the home to perform simple maintenance and repairs while it awaits a new homeowner.

Homes being foreclosed upon is a reality. While it can be a difficult situation, it also presents great opportunity for you to increase your income and create an independent career that allows you to make your own choices and control your own future.