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How to Select a Home Security Systems Provider – ADT, Brinks, Monotronics – So Many Options

How to Select a Home Security Systems Provider – ADT, Brinks, Monotronics – So Many Options

Regardless of where you look for a Home Security System Offer, you are likely to see numerous companies competing for your business. Some are from the same company – for example, you might find numerous different offers from ADT Security or one of their dealers or affiliates. All of which would provide ADT Monitoring Services after your installation is complete. The major difference is how much money you will need to outlay to get the home security system and what security equipment you will get at the time of installation. Also, there are various monitoring packages available that will vary to some extent from company to company.

Other offers will be from different home security companies like Brinks, Monotronics, etc. To further complicate the situation, there are many local security dealers that do not advertise the brand name that will be doing the monitoring. As a rule, any of the local security companies with brands that you are not aware of, typically have ADT, Brinks or Monotronics behind them doing the actual monitoring. Although not all monitoring is created equal.

Many advertisers – especially when you go direct through corporate channels for the big names will have offers that are less competitive than their dealers. For example, if you go through Corporate you might have to front a several hundred dollars and then wait 2 to 3 months for a rebate check to cover some of your spend. And that is if you complete the rebate form correctly, submit on time and everything goes off without a hitch. With the dealers, you might just have to pay $99 installation fee and there is no additional outlay of funds and no rebate to mess with.

You also have the opportunity to get more equipment for the same cost with the dealers. They own their own equipment and have more play with the offer they can give you. For example, you can probably get a free smoke detector, or a free additional door sensor or motion sensor along with the main home security package. Just ask and you can typically receive. Monitoring from a company is the same no matter if you buy direct or you go through a dealer. ADT monitoring is ADT monitoring. Brinks monitoring is Brinks monitoring. The service level does not change.

Monitoring packages are pretty consistent throughout – you can get the cost down a little without a warranty on the unit, but let’s face it, it’s worth a couple of dollars a month to not be left in the dust if something happens. Much easier to pay a couple of dollars a month now and not pay hundreds of dollars later.

Long story short… go with a big name for your monitoring. ADT is the leader in the industry and they have 5 interconnected monitoring centers throughout the United States. But if you want a deal, go with an ADT Authorized Dealer to pay less at the time of install. And you might also get the benefit of additional equipment – just ask and compare prices.

ADT also allows you to move your system if you move for no additional cost. This is a huge plus when you are locked into a contract.

A good offer is at – Get a Free ADT Home Security System ($850 Value) for just the $99 installation fee. They will throw in your choice of 3 upgrades (up to $199 in additional value). 24/7/365 ADT Home Security Monitoring too.