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How To Take Care of Your Contact Lenses and Extend Their Life

How To Take Care of Your Contact Lenses and Extend Their Life

Clear vision is important, and especially for people who indulge in high intensity or sports activities. Most people use eyeglasses as vision correctors but in high intensity activities it’s impossible to wear spectacles. Also, glasses have many other cons, like extreme stress on the nose bridge, obstruction of vision and more. For this reason contacts have become a favorite of many.

Contacts provide many benefits like a clearer vision. Also during high intensity activities it’s a great tool to remove unwanted distractions experienced in spectacles. But it’s not as easy to maintain a pair of contact lenses as it is to maintain a pair of spectacles. So today we share the easiest ways to maintain your contact lenses.

The Perfect Way To Wear a Contact Lens:

Putting on a soft contact lens seems difficult but is easy once you get used to handling a contact. Always wash your hands before you handle your contact lenses. To put on a soft contact lens, place the lens from your lens case onto your palm. Use your lens cleaning solution to clean the lens before putting them on. This must be done daily to avoid infections and remove dust and dirt from the eyes.

Place the clean lens on top of your index or middle finger and use your hands to stretch your upper eyelid upwards and lower eyelid downwards.And slowly place your lens on your eyes while looking either upwards or forward. Some people also place the lens on the white area and then blink their eyes. Soft lenses usually move to the right place over your cornea by its own. For the first few times you might feel discomfort and redness, but usually after a few moments you will feel that your eyes have adjusted to it.

The Perfect Way To Take Off Your Contact Lens:

Taking off contacts is usually easy. Just like the way one wears the contact lens, stretch the eyelids so that you can reach the lens. Then use your ring finger or small finger to gently take the lens away from the eye lens on the white area and then pinch it off using your index and thumb. It’s best to have clean short nails until removal and wearing becomes easy.

The Perfect Way To Clean Your Contact Lenses:

When not in use storing the lens in the right way can prolong the life and usability. If you wear contacts daily, you will need to clean them every night (unless you use daily disposable lenses). Once taken off place the lens on your palm and use a lens cleaning solution to clean the lens. Do not rub since it will damage the lens. Use fresh cleaning solution to clean the lens. Also use fresh lens solution in your lens case to store the lenses.

Following these tips will help extend the life of your contact lenses and keep your lenses clean. even though you clean your lenses it’s crucial to change the contact lens case every 6/8 months to avoid any infections.