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How to Use Twitter Ads to Promote Your Business

How to Use Twitter Ads to Promote Your Business

With the growth of Twitter in recent years it’s getting harder and harder to stay in the timeline of your followers long enough for them to notice your tweets. With over 500 million users sending over 400 million tweets per day, you might feel that your messages are a needle in a haystack. How can you get more visibility for your account? One way to promote your business is through Twitter Ads. Read on to see how you can use Twitter Ads and what you can expect!

Businesses can use events, local or national, that are happening now that are relevant to their audience to promote products before, during and after the event. All size of brands and businesses can join the conversation to highlight their products or services. Twitter users talk about the same stuff again and again and follow the same predictable patterns when talking on Twitter. With this information in mind, Twitter Ads can be published that provide the right content at the most opportune time.

With Twitter Ads you can use:

  • Promoted account,
  • Promoted tweet,
  • Promoted trend.

On desktop the three ways of promoting all show on screen but more importantly, as 80{d4f7c08805e41e9b9974dfba619ed7230ec2da6e442055d48085a7994e8adaef} use mobile devices to access Twitter in the UK, the promoted account and tweet both appear in the mobile timeline. From this promoted account or tweet users are able to click to follow with the button on the right hand side of the promotion. Promoted Trend appears in the Discover tab.

Who will see your Twitter Ads?

Twitter gives you the following targeting options:

  • followers – users already following you,
  • look-a-like – target users that are similar to your followers,
  • interests – based on a users interests which are generated from their tweets and following,
  • keywords – users talking about or searching words, and hashtags they use,
  • location – target by country, region or metro area,
  • device – segment by device or platform,
  • gender,
  • tailored audience – those that have shown an interest in your product or services away from Twitter,
  • TV – those watching and talking about particular TV shows.

So if you’ve already built a large following on Twitter, you can use Twitter Ads to ensure your followers are aware of a certain message (promotion, new product, event, webinar) that you are offering. If you want to grow your audience first, you can target specific users on Twitter based on your ideal client description: location, gender, interests, who else they follow and like, what they watch and talk about etc.

You can address the following steps in the marketing process with Twitter Ads:

  • Generate awareness about your products or brand,
  • Gain more targeted followers,
  • Generate higher engagement for your messages,
  • Research what messages and Direct Response copy resonate better with your followers,
  • Increase site traffic,
  • Generate new sign ups for your email list,
  • Convert those visitors and list signups into purchases of your products and services.

How can you advertise on Twitter?

I’ve previously published a post about Lead Generation Cards which shows you how to set up an account to use Twitter Ads.

Once you’ve got your account set up you can use the following tools in your Ads campaign:

  • Promoted accounts – to grow your following on Twitter and for people to get to know you,
  • Lead Generation cards – to build your email database,
  • TV conversation targeting – to approach users watching relevant programs,
  • Tailored audience – re-target contacts and prospects from your email list of those visiting your website,

Promoted Accounts in Timeline

  • promoted accounts help you build an audience with every tweet you send,
  • ads run in mobile and home timelines along side a tweet,
  • put a business or brand in front of people and give them a reason to follow,
  • simple to use – one button to click to follow, but users can also reply and retweet, which you won’t get charged for as much,
  • increases engagement for your messages and your number of followers.

Lead Generation Cards – promoted tweets

  • a card is an image, video or other rich media, that runs together with a tweet,
  • interested users give you their email address with simple one click,
  • card can direct mobile leads to specific landing pages,
  • integrate with an existing CRM (Mailchimp, Salesforce, Infusionsoft etc.) to capture leads and send automatic follow-up messages.

Full information on how to set up and use Lead Generation Cards: read this post and watch a video tutorial.

Is it working? Track with Online Conversion Tracking.

  • Tracking allows you to track results of Ads campaigns on Twitter,
  • Reporting gives a full view into conversions,
  • Use stats to optimise campaigns for more effective conversions.

Online conversion tracking can show you how, and if, someone buys your product after viewing your ad which allows you to alter ad campaigns to boost sales. Also you can track conversions for email list option, webinar registrations, social sharing, blog comments – depending on the goal of your campaign. With stats to hand you can then decide which tweets and cards perform better than others, and eliminate those that don’t generate enough response.