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IDX Listings – Enabling Visitors to Search For Properties in Your Website

IDX Listings – Enabling Visitors to Search For Properties in Your Website

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX listing, is the most effective way to reach out to all those people who are interested in real estate properties and are searching the Internet for them. There was a time when real estate advertisements were published in the newspapers and magazines so those who were interested in buying property could browse through them. While you can still find advertisements there, you can now also find them online. In fact, the Internet has made it much more convenient then ever to look for real estate. IDX listing makes it possible for a website to list all the properties that are available – much like the newspapers and the magazines.

If you are into the real estate business and you want to generate online leads, the first job for you is to provide what your prospects want, and that is information about the properties. Now the problem is as an agent or a broker, how many properties and their information can you get a hold of and display? Not many, of course. But there’s no reason for you to worry, particularly when you are a member of the REALTORS® network and can display the IDX list.

All the IDX listing agents and the brokers who are members of the network agree to share the information about properties and display the details in each other’s websites. This is often also referred to as IDX listing broker reciprocity. So when you have IDX list, this means that the visitors to your web page can also find all the properties that are available and browse through them. IDX list helps your visitors carry out map based search and this means that they can drill down to the address level to find a property. The advanced interactive mapping system makes this possible.

Here Are Some Of The Features Of A IDX Listing Website

· When you become a part of the network, you can benefit from initial setup help. IDX listing integration into your system is completely hassle free and it is quick too.

· You can customize the IDX list with your realtor website to make it go with your layout and color scheme. You have the freedom to decide which real estate listings you want included and which ones you want to leave out.

· For advanced developers there are custom CSS/HTML controls.

· There is dynamic map search functionality that lets your visitors find properties easily. The IDX listings system is super-easy for your prospects.

· There are automated client email updates that let you connect with your prospects.

· There are unlimited custom showcases and slideshows.

· The system comes with short sale, REO, custom foreclosure and other result pages.

There are thousands of properties available at any time that are available and with IDX listing. You can, if you want, display them all. And not just that, but since the system is updated regularly, you can be sure that when a property is not available any more, it will not be displayed in your IDX list any more. If you want to provide a comprehensive listing and lots of options for the visitors to your website, this is the only way to do it.

The IDX listing system is an improvement over the MLS or the Multiple Listing System of yesteryears. The old software that was used enabled the brokers and agents to share property information such as the square footage, number of baths and bedrooms, the address, age of the property, and other such information. In many cases there were photographs as well. IDX listings has made this process even better and more convenient for the website owners. And of course, since potential buyers can easily carry out a home search, IDX listings is great news for them as well.

Needless to say, IDX listings can help you immensely when you want to enhance the leads from your real estate website. And since there are so many property options, you can be sure that your prospects will be staying at your website for longer – all because of IDX list. No wonder a vast majority of property website owners would never dream of not having the IDX listings in their web pages.