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Painted Projector Screen – Can I Use Projector Screen Paint on Wood?

Painted Projector Screen – Can I Use Projector Screen Paint on Wood?

If you have been looking to build your own projector screen you have probably seen that one of the alternatives for a cheap projector screen is to create a painted projector screen using projector screen paint. Now, you can apply the paint on different types of surfaces, most commonly you will be looking to apply it on a plaster or wood surface. In this article I will go into what to look for if you are using a wood surface for a fixed projector screen, in particular whether the surface needs a base coat, the type of base coat to use, and the kind of paint to use for the screen.

Does The Surface Need A Base Coat?

If the wood that you are planning to use as your projection screen has already been painted on with latex paint then you should not need to use a base coat. The latex paint should do well as a base for your screen. Hopefully it is a high quality acrylic-based latex paint, if not it is possible that there will be flecking in the future. Other types of paint on a wood surface will likely require you to apply a latex base coat before painting on your projection screen. Also be sure that there are no bumps on the surface, the smallest most unnoticeable bump could end up completely ruining your picture. For the best projection screen you will absolutely want to make sure that not only does the surface look smooth, but feels smooth too.

What Type Of Base Coat Should Be Used?

The type of base coat best to use on a wood surface is one that is not water based. Avoid water based base coats at all costs if the material for the screen is wood. The reason for this is that flecks could appear, and this is not what you want. A proper base coating should be available at your hardware store, and if you are buying some special projection screen paint make sure to check that the base paint is not water-based. If you decide to go with a kit a projection screen paint kit a base coat should be provided.

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use?

As far as the proper paint there are many different types of paint that work well for projection screens. Behr has some paints that do it yourself home theater enthusiasts swear by, but the durability can be questionable. Most commonly Behr Silver Screen is used for this purpose, and is a cheap alternative for a home theater projector screen. Screen Goo and Mississippi Mudd are two of the most recommended projection screen paint types. Whichever type you choose you need to be prepared to repaint the screen in the future as this is one of the downsides of a painted projector screen.