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Real Estate in Grenada: Just Call It Investing in Paradise

Real Estate in Grenada: Just Call It Investing in Paradise

There is something for everyone to love about Grenada. This country consists of the large island of Grenada along with six smaller islands that all form one country. Of course, the “large” Island we commonly refer to as Grenada is occupies only about 133 square miles and yet, it is like a beautiful jewel set in lapis blue water. Grenada can be as mundane as a small apartment building on a city street near a college, or as exotic as a nutmeg plantation complete with a palatial house and outbuildings plus spice-scented groves of trees.

The diversity in Grenada listings is probably a result of the varied geography of the islands. On the larger island, volcanic mountains just upward with the tallest, Mount Saint Catherine pressing almost three thousand feet towards the sky. At its feet, lazy blue waves wash ashore on sandy beaches and the groves of nutmeg and mace trees form haphazard terraces between, all intermittently spotted with patches of lush tropical vegetation. The smaller islands also boast a range of Grenada for sale or for rent, but on a smaller scale and none of their cities rivals the capitol of the country, St. George’s.

Unlike many of the other islands in the region, it’s an independent state and self-governing but that independence was hard won. Many people consider Grenada to be one of the most contested nations in the Caribbean basin. Perhaps the reason so many people have fought to control it is the natural beauty and its strategic position being so very close to South America. Politics aside, the islands are warm, beautiful and the real estate in Grenada while not exactly “cheap” is often surprisingly reasonably priced.

Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, Grenada is located on the southernmost edge of “hurricane alley” and, as such, has only had to contend with three major hurricane encounters of the close kind in the last fifty years. Still, the climate is typical of the tropics with warm temperatures and plenty of humidity year round. The breezes that blow across real estate for sale in Grenada, however, are scented with spice not smog and the allure of owning a piece of such unspoiled, pristine paradise is hard to resist.

If you or your company is looking for an island in the Caribbean with investment potential and that offers the beauty of the tropics without the higher insurance rates of those islands often in the hurricane’s eye path, then real estate in Grenada should top your list.