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Remember To Ask Yourself “Why” When It Comes To Kitchen Design

Remember To Ask Yourself “Why” When It Comes To Kitchen Design

When it comes to any redesign project in a typical home, there’s a lot to think about. If you are simply renovating one particular area, after all, you will want to make sure that it stays faithful to the overall theme of your residence. However, if the rest of your home is fairly “neutral” in terms of its layout and decor, this allows you to have a relatively free rein, to focus on certain rooms as you go. Most people, when faced with the prospect of a kitchen design project will generally be excited to pitch in and get things moving. Of all the rooms in your house this is where most of the focus is, but there are lots of practical considerations to bear in mind. You simply have to take time to really work out what you want to achieve, how you’re going to go about it and make sure that you do not miss the entire point of such a redesign – improving and enhancing.

In short, when it comes to kitchens you have to really ask yourself the question – why. Why are you going to take a certain approach, why are you going to lay out your appliances in such a manner and why are you going to use specific materials or solutions? You shouldn’t just settle for a particular option, just because it’s traditional. Whilst you should look at as many magazines and online websites as possible to get some inspiration, you should always be asking yourself why you should take such and such an approach and is it right for your situation.

You may not have free reign when it comes to the budget and whilst this always has a bearing whenever it comes to your choice of materials and solutions, try and exercise freedom of thought in between these higher and lower constraints. Again, you want to be able to remain faithful to the overall appeal and character of your home, but you do want to make something happen in here and be excited by the prospect.

You might find that a varied approach to the choice of cabinetry is a good option. Choose cabinets that go together and complement each other, but that have a different tone and colour scheme to break up the overall appearance. Who’s to say that you have to choose a conventional counter-top and you’d be surprised at just what you can find to match those cabinets with a little investigation.

Imagine yourself standing back in the distance and looking at the finished design. How will natural light that flows into this room during the day interact with the colours and compositions you have in mind? This is the point on which you should engage your professional kitchen designer to help you visualise, as they will ordinarily have a great deal more experience than you at this process of visualisation.

Remember that the planning stage is important, but it should also be the most enjoyable phase of the entire project. This is why it’s good to have a free and open mind so that you can be sure when it’s all over that you’ve made the right decision.