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Signs of Marital Infidelity

Signs of Marital Infidelity

You’re most likely reading this article due to your suspicion that spouse could possibly be cheating on you. Or you have an interest in ways to detect a cheating spouse. After all the countless hours of the marital infidelity cases I have worked on each cheating spouse exhibited the same signs of marital infidelity as the previous cheaters I have caught. This article is about the signs of marital infidelity. Every cheater has something to hide and lie about and thus the reason of why they are committing an act of marital infidelity. I have complied a list of the common signs and symptoms of those committing marital infidelity. Use this list as a way to detect a cheating spouse and to truly start investigating if he/she is committing an act of marital infidelity.

Signs of marital infidelity:

– He/she spends more time away from home. The cheating spouse comes up with any excuse to spend time with his/her new love.
– He/she spouse/partner has changes in his/her use of their cell phone.
– He/she will not answer phone around you or takes longer to pick up the phone than usual. If you have access to their cell phone bill, you should check for calls made during odd hours and long duration.
– Their clothing may smell of Smoke, alcohol, perfume or cologne.
– He/she clears his/her computer history, spends long hours on the computer, changes screen display when you enter the room. Has other email accounts that you do not know of.
– Sexual intercourse declines or is at a total loss.
– He/she is becomes extremely defensive or ignores you most of the time.
– He/she may use cash more often.
– He/she is doing their own laundry or dropping off their own dry cleaning.
– He/She has car mileage goes up more than the norm.
– He/she begins to travel and attend functions without you.
– He/She has unexplained receipts in their car, wallet, purse or desk area.
– He/she may start buying new clothing, losing weight, changing hair color/design.
– He/she may start bathing or showering more frequently.
– He/She asks about your daily schedule very often.
– He/She shows less or no affection at all.
– He/She may have new sexual/unusual request.
– He/she uses excuse of always being tired to do anything with you.
– He/she has a loss interest in daily domestic activities such as spending time with the kids or doing daily chores/household work.
– He/she begins to show more affection and surprises you with unexpected gifts. This is usually because of the guilt on their mind.
– He/she will justify their cheating on you by blaming you or looking down upon you. They feed them selves on negative thoughts of you. This gives them the excuse to cheat on you.

If they are exhibiting many of these signs of marital infidelity then they are most likely cheating on you. Remember that they are a cheater, liar and will deceive you anyway that they can. Your next move it to hire and investigator such as myself to get the proof documented on video and on file. Or to save your self money and time buy a cheaters detection semen testing kit. They are easy to use and are a sure fire way to collect evidence on their sexual activities. Use this signs of marital infidelity as your personal check list and begin to see the truth unfold in front of your eyes.