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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Home

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Home

If you have already attempted to clean your own carpets, you know how much of a challenge carpet cleaning can be. Not only have you spent the money on renting a machine or perhaps even purchasing one, but now the results are less than what you expected. Carpet cleaned with DIY machines often feels rough, dull and stains can reappear even after just a few days of cleaning. Most homeowners can severely damage their carpeting, especially higher-end carpet brands. This is because most homeowners will use the wrong type of cleaning solution or equipment.

Professional Expertise

By hiring a professional you know that your carpets unique attributes and colors will be taken into consideration before the company cleans your carpet. Experts will also have the industry know-how for removing pesky stains, odors and embedded dirt. Since most carpet cleaning services now use environmentally-friendly cleaners, you will notice that your carpet feels fresher and even looks brighter.

The Right Equipment

There are literally a dozen ways to clean carpets – including for professionals. Unfortunately not all of these options are the same and some are a lot more harmful to your carpet than others. Today, the biggest companies in the cleaning industry use a form of steam cleaning that involves water extraction. Steam is considered the most effective at removing soil and grease. It can also remove debris better than any other method on the market today. Since steam is becoming popular, more companies are offering hot water steam extraction versus traditional dry cleaning carpet methods.

Less Drying Time

With a professional cleaning service there is less water put down onto your carpet’s surface. Because of that you do not have to wait as long for your carpet to dry, which means more time you can enjoy your carpeting.

Residual Soap

DIY carpet cleaning machines have a tendency to push out a lot of soap and water and the result is a residue-ridden carpet surface. These surfaces are rough and lackluster. With professional services, however, the machines have a high-powered water extraction that can remove the majority of the water put down onto the carpet, which means less remaining water and soap to absorb into the fibers.

In the end, your home’s carpeting is an investment. When you invest in carpet cleaning services you are adding to that investment and that is beneficial for not only your budget, but your home’s value over time.