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Tile Grout Cleaning Tips

Tile Grout Cleaning Tips

In Philadelphia, maintaining cleanliness in our floors or tiles is usually a hard work. Keeping the tiles clean would also mean cleaning the grout too. This would ensure that the bacteria and germs would also be removed. There are 2 ways to properly do the tile floor cleaning in Bucks County: do the cleaning manually or hire a professional. Either way, we should always ensure that the tile cleaning tips listed below are used in moderation to prevent damage when cleaning floors.

Grout Stains Require Special Solutions

Manually cleaning grout stains is very difficult and is very time-consuming. There are many types of tile floors therefore may require different ways to clean depending on the tile structure like ceramic tile may demand different abrasives than marble tile cleaning for Chalfont homes. The same goes with cleaning grouts though it is advisable to use specialty-cleaning products to retain the color. Some still uses the first simple way of cleaning by using warm water, mop and with a mild detergent. Others attempt to create their own solution like using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and water applied with a brush. Vinegar with water will soften the grout, hydrogen peroxide with water will do a good job on removing the dirt and the brush will help with scrubbing the grout’s dirt. Others even use chlorine and oxygen bleach. In using chemicals like oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach, please observe some safety measures. Wearing gloves is advised and ensure that these chemicals won’t do damage on yourself and on your tiles.

There are also some who use the advertised tile and grout cleaner. With so many varieties available, you may have to test a few brands in a test area of your tile floor and compare the results before deciding the right product for you. Just ensure to follow the directions given on how to use the product so it will be effective. Also check the waiting period before removing the solution. Most products must be given sufficient time to penetrate the stains before washing the solution away. It is important that proper grout cleaning products will be used on your tile and grout to ensure that the beauty and color will be preserved.

Professional Tile-Grout Cleaning Service

However, there are times that the products we used won’t work no matter how we tried in cleaning our tiles and grout. It will be best then that we seek a professional so that they can properly remove the smears or marks on the tiles and grout. You may want to check for a Philadelphia tile-grout cleaning service in a directory for the right tile floor-cleaning partner. Most often, tile-grout cleaning experts use a safe bleach product to ensure that your tiles won’t be damaged. Oxygen bleach is the most effective as it removes years of grout stains and this is one of the safest bleach powders for this purpose. Some also uses high-pressure tile floor cleaning machines as it gives impressive results. If your tile is a quality marble material we can recommend using an expert marble tile cleaning service in Chalfont PA to ensure that proper cleaning procedures are employed to prevent damage to your expensive floors. The most important key to remember is that regular cleaning maintenance schedules be developed to ensure your beautiful floor. In this way, you would need to require a professional at least once a year.