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Tincture Of Green Soap

Tincture Of Green Soap

The average person on the street will have never heard of tincture of green soap, and there is a good reason. The use of this soap traditionally has been in the operating theaters for human and animal surgeons for decades. This product was originally intended for the sterilizing of the surgeon’s hands before entering the surgical treatment area to prevent any bacteria, or other germ like organisms invading their patient while operating on them. The use of this green soap also fell over into the area of helping to sterilize medical instruments as well. This was before high-powered steam sterilizing methods were introduced, and are commonly used today.

Made of naturally occurring resources tincture of green soap is basically a simple recipe to create at home if one would like to produce such a product for personal use, but it is still available in the consumer channel and costs on average about thirty-five dollars a gallon not including shipping and handling if ordered online. The ingredients are usually made from vegetable based oil; the tincture element is actually an extracted part of ethanol, and glycerin, which is produce by the making of the soap. It has no dye that could cause contamination in many cases, and gets its greenish color from the natural products used in its making.

Most tattoo parlor’s commonly use this soap for sterilizing his or her equipment in between servicing each client, and is probably used more in this industry than any other today. Germa-phobes will actually use it to clean household items like their plates, silverware, and cooking pans. This is an extreme for most, but many afflicted with an obsessive-compulsive disorder will go to these extremes from fear of germs invading their bodies. This is also a great soap to use to clean bathrooms, and where others have rested while sick from a viral infection.

If you are planning on making this soap at home, be sure and keep it to the basic resources called for, as adding any more fragrances, oaks, or extracts would dilute its sterilizing powers, and render it as a normal type soap that can bought right of the shelf in your grocery store. You may also use product as a soaking solution in a barber shop to sterilize hair clippers, straight razors, and other tools used on the human body that require proper cleaning before use on their next customer. Ordering this product online will probably be the most economical and easiest way to find. Some beauty supply stores still carry green soap in sixteen ounce bottles, but call around first to ensure they stock it before visiting their store.