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Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Warehouse cleaning can be an arduous task. From degreasing and cleaning heavy equipment, food packaging, and processing equipment to scrubbing and degreasing the warehouse floor, there is a lot of ground to cover. Plus, cleaning a warehouse is much more labour intensive than cleaning your house; things tend to get dirtier, dustier, and greasier. Yet, because it is ultimately a place of business, keeping your warehouse spic-and-span is very important.

This highly specialized job involves cleaning the interior and exterior of the warehouse; and it is vital that the correct cleaning procedures are followed. When cleaning a warehouse you must:

  • Ensure that chemical spills are cleaned using the appropriate solvents,
  • Avoid overly abrasive cleaning processes that damage cladding, weaken warehouse structures, or cause erosion that will lead to problems in the future,
  • Ensure proper health and safety policies are followed by the cleaners, and
  • Ensure that all areas of the warehouse are cleaned to your minimum standards.

Many business owners choose professional cleaning services for their warehouses because the job usually requires specialized expertise and equipment. Professional cleaners should already be familiar with the dos and don’ts of warehouse cleaning. As they clean your warehouse, they will already have established policies and practices that ensure the safety of staff and warehouse equipment. Equally as important, professionals will also have the necessary equipment to thoroughly and efficiently clean all areas of your warehouse.

Examples of the main types of equipment utilized by professional commercial and industrial cleaners include power scrubbers and power sweepers. Power scrubbers are especially useful for cleaning tough stains on concrete surfaces. Pressure washers may be effective for light stains, but because concrete is porous and holds dirt well, it can be very difficult to clean. Power scrubbers are designed to clean heavy contaminants from concrete surfaces. For example, power scrubbers can remove glues, caulk, mastics, oil, grease, and even rust. In addition, power scrubbers use a neutralizing solution to meticulously clear stains from concrete surfaces.

Power sweepers are another example of an industrial cleaning machine that may be necessary for proper warehouse cleaning. From heavy material sweeping for paving companies to municipal street cleaning, power sweepers are excellent for keeping parking lots and garages clean and free of debris. Indeed, power sweepers can remove dirt and plant debris, standing water, and mould and mildew from your parking lot and driveway.

Obviously, maintaining a clean warehouse is important to business operations. While warehouse are traditionally very difficult structures to clean, hiring a professional industrial or commercial cleaner can make the job pain free. They will ensure that all aspects of health and safety are met, they will have the appropriate equipment, and they can help you keep your warehouse in the best possible condition.