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What is God’s Horsemanship?

What is God’s Horsemanship?

God’s Horsemanship is an idea that God gave to me one day while cleaning stalls. I was doing a little day dreaming thinking about all the different types of horsemanship that I hear about today, especially this “natural horsemanship” business. Seems everyone has their different version of natural horsemanship. These trainers & clinicians put a different name in front of it so that it sounds different & they can call it there own, but if you watch a lot of them closely they are all basically using the same methods with their own little twist here and there, doing the same thing getting the similar results. Now I won’t say that theses trainers and clinicians aren’t talented, I learn a lot from many of them today and I commend them for their hard work & knowledge.

But for me it goes a little deeper than just horse training. While I was still in the stall I started thinking to myself… what is natural horsemanship who came up with this?

God created horses didn’t he (Gen.1: 24-25) Then he created man to manage over these animals (Gen.1: 26) then he allowed man to give them names (Gen.2: 19-20).

Who gives me ability to train these horses? So I started to think a little further about the methods I have learned & use to train horses. Then it occurred to me that what I was doing wasn’t natural horsemanship it was God’s Horsemanship.

God’s horsemanship to me is my relationship with God & then animal and in this case the horse. This relationship has allowed me to learn from God and the horse, which teaches me a lot about myself and the things I need to change in my life. Also my relationship with the horse teaches me more about God’s personality & how my relationship with him should be.

Gods ultimate goal is to gain our trust in him and likewise our ultimate goal is to gain our horses trust in us. For example I find that God allows certain pressures in our life (never more than we can handle) until we surrender and begin to rely on him in order for him to achieve greatness with us, likewise when I am training a horse I allow a him to feel a certain amount of pressure (never more than he can handle) until he surrenders and learns to rely on me in order for me to achieve greatness with him.

I also learn lessons from the horse, for example horses don’t see color lines or particular races. All they see are human beings. When my horse and I are in disagreement about something on a particular day we can stop come back the next day and he’s forgotten all about the day before. Horses hold no grudges with people, so this is how we should be with one another. Horses are always willing to try again, very humble.

I have many other lessons I learn everyday but I just wanted to share a few.